The Nondas Apartments Wine Harvest is Here!

Nondas Apartments Wine - Grapevines

Nondas Apartments wine is produced every year from the grapevines that grow on our shady canopy. The grapes are harvested every September, ready for crushing and fermentation. The San Stefanos climate is excellent for winemaking, and the traditions go back centuries. We’ve just celebrated harvest month with the Arillas wine festival , and said ‘Yamas!’ over a glass or two of last year’s vintage.

Winemaking is a skill. No two years are the same, so each harvest is assessed by a specialist in Roda. They detail  the right process to be used to turn the must (that’s the juice from the grapes) into Nondas’ white, red and rosé wines. The wines are then aged over time until they taste just right for our guests to enjoy at the pool bar. There’s surely no better place to enjoy wine than under the shady canopy of the vines that have grown it, whilst enjoying a view across the village of San Stefanos to he islands in the bay!

Book Now for Summer 2018

Nondas Apartments are taking lots of bookings for summer 2018 at the moment. Some airlines have already released a limited set of flights, whilst EasyJet will release their early summer flights shortly. Remember, we’re flexible. Arrive on a day of the week that suits you, and stay for as many nights as you like. Whether flights are booked or not, let us know what dates you are looking for and we’ll get you in the diary.

Here at Nondas Apartments, we’re looking forward to sharing a glass or two of  homemade wine with you next year. We’re planning more of our popular barbeque nights too, so there will plenty of opportunity to enjoy the harvest of years gone by!

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